Dr. Gajdos
Orvosi tevékenység

Medical activity

As a psychiatrist, the safety of my patients is at the top of my list of values, so a general medical screening with a review of previous findings and a question about your other illnesses is part of every examination. By carefully learning about the present complaints, my goal is to make the correct diagnosis and develop a therapeutic plan. For some mental disorders, the time required for this may be more than once.

Total examination
Therapeutic suggestion
Expert opinion


Carl Gustav Jung held that "our spiritual development is only possible by accepting ourselves as we are and trying to take seriously the life entrusted to us." As part of my private care service, I will help you deepen your self-knowledge, better understand the background factors of your problems, and process traumas. In our professionally well-framed work, the therapeutic development unfolds gradually, in the form of weekly discussions.

Supportive psychotherapy
Individual psychotherapy


My name is Dr. Ágoston Gajdos

I am an adult psychiatrist in Debrecen. I expanded my professional experience for almost 10 years in general psychiatric, specialized psychotherapeutic and in outpatient specialist care. I believe that you need a helper with authentic behaviour and understanding attention, who will offer you his knowledge based on theoretical and practical experience. At my private office, I conduct the joint therapeutic work in the spirit of careful, assorted words and deeds.

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