Therapeutic suggestion

Medical work includes the development of your pharmacotherapeutic plan and the formulation of a related therapeutic suggestion that can be valid even for a longer period of time in case of regular care and medical necessity.

I will help you review the effectiveness of the medications prescribed by your previous doctors and rethink your treatment plan!

Setting up the type and dose of your new medicine I will always take account of your other underlying conditions.

I also pay great attention to map the possible interactions of the drugs taken currently and before and to the drug hypersensitivities documented in your anamnesis.



After creating your e-prescription or paper-based prescription, you will stay in touch with me and I will provide you my telephone contact in order to discuss any questions or concerns you may have during the course of your treatment. We also discuss the treatment plan to leave you with no questions.

It is important that medications must serve to relieve your symptoms and improve the quality of your life. To reach this goal requires strict adherence to instructions, recommendations and open communication of the worries you may have.

I will always inform you about the official and updated rules of administration, instructions and expected therapeutic effect of the drugs available in clinical work. To enhance your understanding of your drugs I will offer you professional materials as well.

At my private office, I guarantee that with your informed consent you can make a decision based on professionally reliable information and clinical knowledge.

This is served by the constantly updated IT background, which is also related to the hungarian official OGYÉI system to provide up-to-date information on the market availability of medicines.

In accordance with the obligation to provide electronic data, you gain access to forms of care that help to improve and maintain your health on an officially documented route of care compatible with the hungarian EEST system.


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