Individual psychotherapy

Through the series of individual psychodynamically oriented conversations (called individual therapeutic sessions) I help you to reach a deeper self-knowledge and a better understanding of the background factors of your problems.

During therapeutic work, you can gain individual insights through shared interpretation. Your emerging psychological insight will allow you to discover meaningful relations regarding your present personal funcioning.



Individual therapy begins with an oral or written therapeutic contract, during which I agree with you on the frequency of events, dates, and therapeutic goals.

In our professionally framed therapeutic work, your psychological development will unfold gradually, in the space of weekly or fortnightly discussions.

During the course of the therapy, you will receive continuous feedback on your professional progress and your experience of change.

In my individual therapeutic work, I strive to create a caring therapeutic relationship that provides safety and, in my experience, best helps spiritual growth.

To this end, I help your recovery in our therapeutic relationship by exercising credibility, your unconditional acceptance, and empathy.


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